Sound Care – Personal Development – Anthony Doux

Sound Care – Personal Development – Anthony Doux

By listening and expressing one’s self, others and sounds, Anthony Doux combines music and personal development.

He is a sound practitioner, a consultant in the relation of assistance, a musician, composer and author of the blog

He is an explorer and experimenter of the links between music & wellness.



  • By means of unique therapeutic albums, he offers new tools for personal fulfillment:


– by creating the first auditive and musical breathing guides to practice cardiac coherence: Cd Coeur symphonique (Symphonic Heart), Coeur symphonique 432 (Symphonic Heart 432), Métamorphose (Metamorphosis), Caresse (Caress), Amplitude

– by creating the first acoustic albums around sacred frequencies: Frequency 528 and Frequency 741

– using specific recording techniques: Cd Vibratory Concerto recorded with binaural microphones.

– using specific musical therapeutic tools: Cd Voyage sonore 432 (Sonic voyage 432), tuned to the 432 Hz, with a particular sound and musical organization.  

  • To share and experience sound in a live setting, he offers:


– Vibratory concerts: Resonate with Tibetan bowls, Breathe with the accordion, To restructure with drums, To harmonize with harmonic singing …

Sensory sound concerts and voyages with energetic dancing: Echo 528 and Dedans Dehors are two proposals on the border of performance and sound care.

– « Cardiac Coherence and Spontaneous Movement » workshops in collaboration with Estelle Chabretou, choreographer and dancer.

– Individual sound treatments


In April 2018, he participed in the first congress of cardiac coherence in Marseille.



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